Publish Date: December 15, 2021
Resistance Chicks
Resistance Chicks
Dr. Syed Haider: The Doctor Throwing the Globalist Narrative Out the Window! Plus Q & A Since we last had Dr. Haider on our program, he's run the gambit of all your favorite online media programs! Whe... View More
Jason Mark Kaplan
I found this just now. ROTHSCHILD OWNED & CONTROLLED FACT: US Federal Reserve is a privately-owned company, sitting on its very own patch of land, immune to the US laws.... View More
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Michelle A Svensson
Boom- Bingo
January 19, 2022
Resistance Chicks
updated their cover photo.
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Resistance Chicks
TONIGHT! Live Premier! 12/18/21 9:00 PM EST joined us this week for a POWERFUL interview where we talked about how the devil is trying to divide us in our movement and that it's... View More
Resistance Chicks
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