Patriot Products and Services: Defund the Swamp & Refund the Kingdom (Let’s build a Kingdom Economy together!).These are trusted providers and suppliers of Rick B2T.  B2T Ministries has an affiliate relationship with most of these Patriot companies that benefit Neighborhood members with discounts or special offers.   

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Luxury Skin Care: Charlis


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The CHARLÍS Difference. CHARLÍS is a luxury skincare company on a mission to provide you with toxic-free products made in the USA that nourish and cleanse your skin. Our manufacturing standards are unsurpassed, and all our products are formulated using efficacious, toxic-free, non-GMO ingredients. Why? Because YOU are worth it!



Organic CBDa Hemp Extract: NESA'S HEMP

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Experience the power of living hemp! Nutrient-rich, raw, and pure. Nesa’s Beyond Organic CBDa Hemp Extract works with your body’s endocannabinoid system deep at the cellular level. Experience the power of plant-intelligence, filling in the gaps in health and wellness, uniquely tuned to your body and its specific needs. Crafted with only the finest Certified Organic ingredients including organic hemp seeds, organic hemp and organic sunflower seeds, Nesa’s Organic Hemp Extract contains less than 0.2% THC.


Use link above and Coupon Code: Nesas15 to save 15% on your first order.


Vitamins & Acne Treatment: THE DR. ARDIS SHOW

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High potency vitamin C with bioflavonoids.Antioxidant vitamin C is required for at least 300 metabolic functions including tissue growth and repair, adrenal function and gum health.Bioflavonoids support vitamin C absorption. Taken together, both nutrients are more effective than either when taken alone. Since neither of these important nutrients can be produced by the human body, they must be supplied through the diet or in supplement form.


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Gold and Silver Sales/Services: KIRK ELLIOTT, PHD

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Dr. Elliott’s clients are positioned properly for the Global Financial Reset that is upon us. Buy Gold – Buy Silver – Buy Now. But, Buyer Beware! Connect with PhD Economist Dr. Kirk Elliott. He will connect with you to help protect your assets.



Bed, Bath and More: MY PILLOW

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Help Mike Lindell fight Smartmatic!! Now over 150 products!  Pillows, slippers, sleepwear, slippers, dog beds, throw blankets, towels, mattresses, adjustable bed frames and more.


Promo Code: B2T  Save Up to 65%+ with Promo Code B2T

Phone: 800-975-1757


ReAwakening America Tour: THRIVE TIME SHOW