Blessed2Teach (B2T) Ministry Mission: Bring people to the narrow path of salvation through Jesus Christ through the Great Awakening movement and wake up and activate sleeping believers to fight for liberty and freedom as we make disciples of all nations.

The B2T Ministry is a 9 Squared Ministry where we as a group are exercising all 9 gifts of the Spirit (1 Cor 12:8-10) and all 9 fruits of the spirit (Gal 5:22-23). These gifts and fruits are being exercised in the following areas:

  • The B2T Show: Rick B2T “Empowering Christian Patriots with Truth” Mon-Fri nights (blessed2teach.com) going live on 7 platforms and then available on 25+ platforms the next morning. You can join Backstage during the show with extra content after each show.
  • B2T Neighborhood: Free Facebook replacement platform for Christian Patriots with prayer and Bible study groups, pages, quizzes, live streaming, and more (b2tneighborhood.com)
  • The Backstage Ministry: Christian Patriots that want to go deeper with the Lord and the B2T Ministry (blessed2teach.com/backstage
  • PraiseNPrayer: Backstage on Mon and Thu and Live on the B2T Show platforms each Fri night
  • IMPACTOR Training: Training courses on Red Pilling friends and family, sharing the good news, taking back our culture, and more (blessed2teach.com/training)
  • Events: Rick and the B2T team travel to special events such as the Reawakening America Tour, Bardsfest, and other key events participating in baptisms and public prayer and worship

The Financial Globalists and Big Tech is working to cancel the B2T Ministry and has attempted to silence us and financially damage us. They attacked us in multiple ways by permanently removing/deleting:

  • Patreon (account removed when in good standing)
  • Instagram (account removed when in good standing)
  • Facebook Group (group removed permanently with account in good standing, personal page and Blessed to Teach page was banned but miraculously reappears after major Facebook software update!)
  • Top 3 YouTube Channels (1st account was in good standing with 110,000 subscribers before the 2020 election, 2nd account with 3 strikes removed with over 45k subscribers in early 2021, 3rd account was in good standing with over 30k subscribers in Dec 2022)
  • Top Twitter Account: Blessed to Teach (Account removed when in good standing with nearly 30k followers)
  • Megaphone Podcast distribution platform (banned when I was in good standing)
  • iTunes Podcast discontinued while in good standing.
  • PayPal: All 3 Accounts (Personal, Business, Ministry) with no warnings [Jul 2022]
  • Twitch: BlessedtoTeach  banned with no warning [Aug 2022]
  • TikTok: Shut down the first LIVE video while Rick was recording it in Nov 2022. Multiple videos removed, so had to quit using platform for B2T
  • Washington Federal Bank: Closing 10+ Bank Accounts (All Ministry, Business and Personal Accounts)

 Your help is needed so we can continue to expand the Ministry and take back our countries for the Lord! Key items needing funding include:

  1. Marketing our “Prayer and Support Zoom Groups” to the hurting
  2. Move the B2T Neighborhood to protected infrastructure so the groups are not silenced
  3. Expand the Neighborhood platform for Live Streaming and key features needed to reach more hurting people
  4. Market and fund travel for key baptism and public prayer events
  5. Expand the distribution of the B2T Show so we can continue to give true news, expose the Devil/Cabal’s schemes and lead people to salvation with Jesus.

We thank you and ask the Lord to bless you mightily as you give and/or pray for the B2T Ministries. Join us on PraiseNPrayer and bring your prayer requests as we see the Lord show up with miracles, signs, and wonders! Here of the many healings and praise reports each time we gather!

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