James Ottar Grundvig (Author)
James Grundvig is a first-generation Norwegian-American, born and raised in the New York metropolitan area. He has lived and worked in New York City since 1993. With a long career in construction management industry on projects of scale, James curated the research, interviews, and writing skills required for change management that led to a writing career for the Epoch Times in 2005. Then, with both sides of his families involved in Norway’s offshore oil & gas industry, James brought unique insights to the BP Oil Spill saga in 2010: He broke exclusive stories that major newspapers, from the Washington Post to the New York Times, failed to cover during the 87-day blowout. One such story was the poisoning of the Gulf waters with a toxic dispersant that killed marine life. Over the past decade, James has published hundreds of articles in the Huff Post, Epoch Times, Financial Times FDI magazine, Law.com, Football.com, World News Daily, and in a variety of blockchain-crypto magazines, among other media outlets. Working on three different books in the first half of the decade, with three different runways of research and manuscript writing, James accomplished the rare feat of publishing all three books in one year—2016. The first non-fiction book was published in June of that year, Master Manipulator: The Explosive True Story of Fraud, Embezzlement, and Betrayal at the CDC. Then in an industry first, according to his literary agent, he published the next non-fiction book, Breaking Van Gogh, and the techno-thriller novel Dolphin Drone, one week apart that autumn. Skyhorse Publishing published the trio of books, which Simon and Schuster distributed. Breaking Van Gogh turned into an audiobook, while Master Manipulator will come out this year in paperback, according to the publisher. Since that productive year, James launched his second software startup in Myntum Ltd., a blockchain-based “hot storage” company to protect individuals and businesses’ digital assets. COVID-19 disrupted that project last year, like it did so many other businesses, putting it on a temporary hiatus until more predictable rules, regulations and economy emerge post-pandemic. James wrote the sequel to Dolphin Drone. But put that book went into hiatus mode, too, until COVID-19 ends and the new geopolitical order, particularly in Asia, emerges where the story takes place in the South China Sea. In the sequel, the lead characters find themselves drawn into the theater of war between the superpowers of the United States and Communist China.  On behalf of his Myntum business partner, Mathieu Gorge, CEO of VigiTrust, a cybersecurity firm based in Dublin, Ireland, James wrote a guest chapter in Gorge’s bestselling book (Forbesbooks), “The Cyber Elephant in the Boardroom: Cyber-Accountability with the Five Pillars of Security Framework.” The chapter James wrote is titled: “Breaching The C-Suite: Confusion of Tongues in the Security Tower of Babel” (Chapter 6, focusing on major data breaches, including the 2017 Equifax hack). In 2021, James became host of his own weekly show, “Freedom Friday at Five” on American Media Periscope (AMP) out of Florida. The show covers a broad range of issues and diverse topics, from COVID law and common law, to Communist China’s Unrestricted Warfare doctrine and digital disinformation campaigns that smear truth seekers.  Freedom Friday is the number 2 rated of 15 shows on the new patriot network. James is cohost of PhD economist Dr. Kirk Elliot’s “Reset” show that dives into the volatile financial markets and geopolitical risks for investors each Saturday morning.  James is also cohost with John Michael Chambers of AMP’s flagship show, “Making Sense of the Madness,” which airs Monday – Thursday nights at 7 PM EST. James writes articles and video scripts for AMP Media, content that can be found under the “Written Word” section on the network’s website. James has been a frequent guest on many alternate news sites and podcasts the past year, focusing on issues of national security, COVID-19, God, Freedom, and the dark ancient cabal. ***This page is overlooked and updated by the Admin of the B2T Neighborhood to help direct you towards Patriots***
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