Publish Date: October 12, 2021

I grew up in the South, so it's just natural that I love people. I love what they are passionate about,  I love networking, and I especially love when people use their precious God given time on earth to make their communities and country better.  

Priority #1 for me is my client's success. I want to help them grow. I want to give them the 30 plus years of media knowledge that I have rolling around in my brain, and help them become better on TV and Radio.  I want to get them exposure and get their voice heard.

The goal I had when I started Book It CJ in 2014 was to try to level the playing field of the kinds of voices heard in the media. Too often I have noticed a suppression of Conservative, Christian, and Veteran voices.  I wanted to dedicate my God given precious time to change that.   After having booked my clients on 5328 radio interviews, 1512 TV interviews, and 864 podcasts & print pieces since 2014,  I feel good about the track record of success I'm having in getting my client's voices heard and reaching that goal. 

Prior to starting Book It CJ I worked in every facet of Talk Radio and TV you can imagine from being a News Director,  On-Air Talent, Executive Producer,  Copy Editor,  Commercial Production,  to the girl that greets guests & gets the coffee. My Media Gypsy life started in Little Rock Arkansas where I worked in TV and Radio, then to Kansas City where I worked at KCMO,  then to Dallas Texas where I worked at KLRD and the CBS TV affiliate. My final media stop was in San Diego California where I worked at KOGO, KFMB, and KUSI TV.   All of those decades of working in TV newsrooms and Talk Radio stations across the country became the building blocks of Book It CJ.  I know how to speak "producer" because I was one, and that's key to getting you on TV and Radio.

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#ProTip: Make sure the PR person you hire has worked in media.  

Admittedly,  there's been a lot of work put in to making Book It CJ into what it is today, but none of it would have happened without the grace and blessing of God, and the incredible network of friends that I have. My Kindness Network astonishes me every day.  I am so grateful for both. 

So that's me. I love people, I want your success, I've worked all over America in this industry, and I'm grateful for all the blessing that God has given me.   Now, tell me about you!  What are you passionate about? What can I do to help you get your voice heard!?!