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Read the Bible through in 2023
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Will this be the year that you read through the Bible?   We can keep each other on track and talk about what we are learning from the Bible.
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bible alive  With knowledge of  the Jewish perspective
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Never done this before so I expect to have a learning curve. This will be kind of not live for now. I work and Can not predict my schedule week to week . I will hopefully figure out how to make vids with Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaums free audios, I can read some some times too PDF's I hope to schedule a Life of Messiah from a jewish perspective  Study . That will be at least 11 1 hour sessions Playing some dvd' is a wonderful source of free Messianic teachings  once you are there Go resources  then to come and see then to studies then choose pdfs or Mp3's. There is a book store you can buy great stuff too. There are ways to contribute to it too. I do not want any money for this  but you could contribute to ariel or Rick's site Blessed to teach.  My name is Neil Deasy a nobody from PGH originally and NC for the last 40 or so years hope this helps who it is destined to help.
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