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Needed for Tour: Training Portal: https://train.tomahawkswitch.com/offers/b8166584-b9bb-48e8-b3b5-002a3ccbf26b (Ron need to give you access) CRM: https://app.gohighlevel.com/v2/location/H7oWVge1aJJFKQ0L8mXN/opportunities/list (Ron need to give you access) Melaleuca Business Center: https://www.melaleuca.com/BusinessCenter/Home Your Email: Needed to send them the link to the tour (link changes daily) Training Meetings: Scott's Weekly Training (Tue 8pm CST): https://zoom.us/j/97595668716?pwd=akNjdTk5VXBmaDdmdnZadGdDbW04UT09 (recommended every week) Patriot Switch Training (Mon 8PM CST): https://us02web.zoom.us/j/908117138?pwd=M3lxekJQTkhjOFN2c3EzSUVKNXYwUT09 (1 time only needed) Ron's Weekly Training (Thu 8pm CST):  https://go.tomahawkswitch.com/teamrontraining (recommended every week)
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