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Specific Instructions for Backstage and the Neighborhood (the Remnant):

  • Word #54 (1-5-23): When I turn my back, your sin flourishes, (Proverbs 29:16) but my remnant will watch as 10,000 fall. (Psalm 91) Know ye this my sons and daughters, I am walking with you in this land. The wicked have come to show the scales on their skin. The face of evil has been seen and my people are rising against it... Oh, you think your anger is righteous. You think you can criticize and speak of the way you would fix the problem of MY KINGDOM. Listen to me my children. You know nothing of the evil you pray against. You want this to be over so you can get on with your life; the life that I gave you. I put you here to fight. I anointed my remnant to be the warriors of this time. Your job is just beginning, and you think it should be done... Your prayers reach me and I hear your shofars blow. I tell you now as I have prepared you for this time, I call, and you answer. Many have been called and said they would fight. I say to you this day, where are you? Where are my sons and daughters who say they want this over? If you want it over, then make it over... When I prepare my remnant for this fight, I put the anger of motivation in your spirits. I placed before you my word as your sword. I say to you now, this fight has been waiting for you. There are years of fighting to do my children. The fight has just begun.

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Charlette L Luna
Lord, I humbly say yes.  I didn't understand. Your ways are so much higher than ours. Show me the Way and I will walk in it! Thank You Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  I'm here with You to win it. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
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