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Cole Rene

1-22-24 B2T Weekly Newsletter

Globalists Panic over Trump! Israel Announcement.

In a recent interview, Yuval Noah Harari expressed his belief that President Trump is likely to win the election and that his victory could be detrimental to the global order.

However, Rick dismisses Harari as a false prophet and suggests that the deep state is panicking over Trump's potential success.

Rick also discusses various truths about the election, including the ineffectiveness of other Republican candidates and the protests against the White House.

Furthermore, the article mentions Georgia DA Fani Willis claiming that accusations against her are racially motivated, as well as Eric Adams implementing a curfew in an illegal immigrant shelter.

Rick believes that these events represent a crumbling of the globalist agenda.

Additionally, Gordon Pennington from Kure It Now explains his company's healing and anointing oils and offers a discount.

Amanda Grace LIVE! Prophecy Analysis & More!

Donald Trump wins the Iowa Presidential Caucus with 51% of the vote, winning 98 out of 99 counties.

CNN labels his victory a stunning show of strength after leaving Washington in disgrace.

Forbes reports that Trump's SPAC's stock hits a 14-month high following the win.

Tucker Carlson criticizes Nikki Haley, claiming she is not conservative.

Rick discusses a federal government plan to spend $700k on trans-inclusive sex education for 14-year-olds.

The World Economic Forum confirms a global central bank digital currency.

Amanda Grace joins Rick to discuss recent prophetic words and pray for President Trump.

FEDs Flag MAGA & Trump Transactions. Speaker Johnson Fail?

Rick discusses how federal officials instructed banks to comb through customer data for transactions involving terms like "Trump" and "MAGA," as part of efforts by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network to investigate potential financial crimes.

Rick highlights the contrast between the treatment of individuals involved in the Black Lives Matter or Antifa movements, who seem to face less severe consequences for their actions, and those who participated in the Capitol riots on January 6th.

The Senate passed a funding bill to avoid a government shutdown, but rejected an amendment that would have placed conditions on aid to the Palestinian Authority and other governing bodies in Gaza and the West Bank.

Rick also mentions Trump's commentary on various topics, including a lawsuit against him and information about the US debt clock website.

Finally, we moved onto a Bible study and praise and worship music segment.

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