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Cole Rene

1-1-24 B2T Weekly Newsletter
Michigan Supreme Court Rejects Bid to Remove President Trump from 2024 Ballot Based on Insurrection Clause, Contrasting Colorado Supreme Court's Ruling.

The Michigan Supreme Court has rejected a bid to remove President Trump from the 2024 ballot based on the insurrection clause of the 14th Amendment.

This decision contrasts with the Colorado Supreme Court's ruling disqualifying Trump due to his connection to the January 6th incident.

Some analysts believe the US Supreme Court will overturn the Colorado ruling, as Trump has not been charged or convicted of rebellion or insurrection.

The Colorado Supreme Court is accused of taking Trump's words out of context and misrepresenting his statements to support their claim of insurrection.

Meanwhile, other articles mentioned in the piece include layoffs in Argentina, a lawsuit against the CIA over alleged manipulation of Covid records, and Iran and Hamas disputing credit for a terror attack.

The conversation with Juan O'Savin covers topics such as whistleblowers, justice, Israel, and the question of whether B.B. Netanyahu and General Flynn are "black hats" or "white hats." Juan also suggests that discussions around two presidents may arise in the next 120 days, mentioning Kim Clement.

Migrant Caravan Criticized as Security Concerns Rise and Cultural Threats are Perceived, Amid Political Controversies and Polling Headlines.

A massive migrant caravan is on its way to the US-Mexico border, with around 8,000 people and possibly reaching up to 15,000.

Rick believes this is an attempt to destroy America and change our culture, citing colleges as anti-American.

Security concerns are raised as 17 individuals on the FBI Terror Watch List are caught trying to enter at the border.

Customs and Border Protection has detected a record number of known terrorists entering through the southern border.

Rick expresses excitement at witnessing these events unfold and refers to a Bible verse.

RFK, Jr's request for Secret Service Protection is denied, with claims that he could awaken Democrats.

Jack Smith's appointment is deemed unconstitutional, and President Trump criticizes him.

Despite these events, Trump maintains a lead over Biden in the polls.

The radio show ends with music, worship, and an impromptu Bible study.

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