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12-18-23 B2T Weekly Newsletter
Kash Says Media Arrests will Happen! Media Matters Under Fire.

Kash Patel, a former Trump administration official, claims that the second Trump administration will hold accountable those who broke the law and constitution, including members of the media.

He believes they feel threatened because they have been caught in various wrongdoings, such as the Russia investigation and Hunter Biden's alleged criminal activities.

Meanwhile, there are concerns about a potential financial crash and the push for a digital currency and the great reset.

Rick also discusses the importance of investing in safe assets and getting out of harm's way.

There are ongoing investigations into Media Matters for alleged manipulation and fraudulent acts.

Lastly, Rick shares prophetic words and teachings on spiritual warfare.

Zelensky Back for more Cabal $$. Dr. Ardis LIVE.

In this summary, it is mentioned that Ukrainian President Zelensky met with politicians Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer to request more US funding for Ukrainian borders.  He also met with President Biden to discuss financial support.

Some members of the House, led by Mike Johnson, are requesting detailed plans before providing funding.

Trump reacted to ongoing court cases and highlighted a poll indicating voter fraud among mail-in ballot users. He criticized McConnell and other Republicans.

There is mention of Jack Smith using phone websites and pictures to make a case against Trump.

Rumble's CEO acknowledged a cyber-attack, speculating it was due to political reasons.

A prophetic message from Julie Green suggests the Deep State is in panic mode.

Dr. Ardis discussed his battle with the Medical Cartel, including a new wellness retreat and his research on flu vaccines.  The vaccines are described as having low effectiveness and concerning ingredients.

Dr. Ardis will provide more details on his website and in the Ardis Club Experience.

SGAnon LIVE! Supreme Court to Hear J6 Case.

SGAnon discusses various topics in a live session, including forced cannibalism in our food, his thoughts on Q, Continuity of Government, and more.

Rick starts with a Supreme Court case that could affect Jan 6 charges and Trump.

Other events mentioned include a politician collapsing from a heart attack, calls for increased domestic surveillance, Hunter Biden's absence from a hearing, and criticism of the media's coverage of the Biden Crime family.

Trump's tweets and a financial expert's discussion on gold are also highlighted.

SGAnon shares his awakening and thoughts on Q, the Deep State, and various conspiracy theories.

Backstagers ask questions, prayers are offered, and worship videos are played.

A free trial is offered to join the Backstage Ministry.

Hamas Tunnels Being Flooded. Amanda Grace Prophecy.


Seawater is being poured into Hamas tunnels, causing buildings to collapse.

Some believe this is a sign from God exposing corrupt intelligence agencies in Israel and punishing extreme Muslims.

Globalists, who allegedly want WW3, are in a panic as Trump is leading in polls in swing states.

It is suggested that Trump's role was to win the hearts and minds of Americans, allowing for military operations and public arrests.

Other topics discussed include Eric Swalwell's alleged involvement in breaking the law, Supreme Court rulings favoring liberty, and a potential wealth transfer.

The episode also includes teachings, worship, and prayers.

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Dec 19th, 2023 - JUAN O'SAVIN UPDATE LIVE!!!

Dec 20th, 2023 - AARON ANTIS LIVE!!!!


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