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12-11-23 B2T Weekly Newsletter
Mass Hamas Surrender. Joe’s Email Aliases. PraiseNPrayer!

The show begins with Rick offering holiday greetings before delving into the day's news.

Rick reports that Hamas has started surrendering due to being cut off by surrounding countries and having no other place to go. He also mentions the leadership of Israel and tunnels in the area.

There is then a discussion about a Biden impeachment inquiry set up by House Republicans and about Joe Biden's email aliases and his interactions with Hunter's business partners.
Rick also promotes anointing oil and discusses a video message from President Trump.

Rick promotes freeze-dried beef as a solution for food shortages.

Trump's recent post about Maggie Haberman is mentioned, as well as a surprise video in Times Square.

We then transition to Rick's Bible study on Romans 8, with followers joining in with praise and worship.

The show ends with upcoming events and information about joining the Backstage Ministry and making donations.


In this evening's show, it was mentioned that Kevin McCarthy, the ousted House Speaker, will be leaving Congress by the end of December.

McCarthy wrote an op-ed stating his decision and his plans to continue serving America in new ways, including recruiting new candidates for elected office.

Rick also discussed GOP lawmakers alleging that the J6 committee coordinated with Fulton County prosecutors and that the committee deleted deposition videos.

Additionally, he included various unrelated topics such as the use of anointing oil, an interview with President Trump, and upcoming events.

Unfortunately, due to travel plans, SGAnon was unable to join us on the show and his interview with Rick will be rescheduled.
The show ends with a section featuring a prophetic word and a message from Blessed2Teach Ministry.


Climate Lockdown? No Ukraine Funding with Open Border.


Rick discusses various topics, including Kamala Harris pledging $3 billion in taxpayer money to combat climate change in other countries.

It is suggested that this is part of a conspiracy and referred to it as "kickback money for the cabal." Rick also mentions Hillary Clinton claiming that climate-related deaths are being recorded, which the author dismisses as fake.

The show touches on the price of gold and predicts that it will continue to rise.

Rick also mentions an ultimatum given by Speaker Johnson to President Biden regarding funding for Ukraine.

There is a brief discussion on allegations of abuse by Hamas and Rick provides information about upcoming events.

Lastly, the show featured an interview with Rob Graham and Sam Kimmel, missionary workers in Alaska, who discussed the challenges they face and their goals.

The show ended with a mention of Project Children Rescue and encouraged viewers to join the Backstage Ministry.


Tucker Reveal: Fired over J6? 23ANDME Data Breach.


Rick discussed various topics, starting with Tucker Carlson's recent comments on a podcast where he suggested that Fox News fired him because they didn't like his reporting on the truth about the January 6th Capitol insurrection.

He goes on to mention the increasing credit card debt in America, the importance of investing in real assets like precious metals, a recent data breach at genetic testing company 23ANDME, and updates on political news involving Congress and the Biden family.

Rick also includes messages from his interpretation of religious teachings, updates on a new movie studio called Destiny, and praise reports from listeners.

Rick concludes by mentioning inner healing and deliverance training offered by Scott Bitcon, which can be accessed for free by joining the Backstage Ministry.

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