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Sat Sep 16, 2023 3:07pm 

Lord, Thank you for your feasts and you word.  Thank you for Revelation where we learn of the 1000 years, the defeat of Satan and the New Heaven and New Earth and the New Jerusalem.  Give me understanding to teach these last Chapters of Revelation like you want them taught.  Put me in a secret place where I can only hear from you.  How are you today Lord?

I am ruling and happy to see many in my Remnant celebrating this feast with trumpets and gladness in their hearts.  Be in awe of me these next days and come clean before me.  It’s now time to start to come together in unity.  It’s now time to become a clean vessel for me to use.  Arise church arise.  Call down your enemies and start taking possession of this earth.  My glory and my righteousness will be established for a time.  You have much work to do.  I will start with my Remnant.  I have vessels fully submitted to me worldwide in every city on this earth.  Be prepared to see my glory.  Trust me.  Seek my face.  Seek first my Kingdom and my righteousness and you won’t only receive provisions, but you will receive everything you need to advance my Kingdom like never before.  There is still time for others to join my Remnant, but the window will be closing very soon.  If you are hearing these words and have not fully submitted to me, now is the time.  

Yes, Rick.  Yes, B2T Ministries.  Yes, you who are listening to my voice.  This is the time I have prepared you to see my glory flow through you.  Do not be distracted.  Do not be in fear.  Remember, perfect love casts out fear.  Confess your sins and wash away anything you are holding against another brother or sister.  Come clean before me, worship me, be in my word and submit.  Great will be your rewards.  You will be part of something many will be shocked that they missed.  Focus less on others right now and focus on me.  Your example and the glory your loved ones see in you will bring more unity as I grow and expand my body.  People you never expected to humble themselves before me will come.  It’s the time to be spending time alone with me so I can fully prepare you.  Come to me children come.

Thank you Lord.  Anything you want me to specifically emphasize in teaching Revelation and the Feasts?

Rick, show how these scriptures point to me.  Show how these feasts point to what is coming.  Encourage people to search the scriptures out.  Be curious.  Search my scriptures, think for yourselves and ask me questions for clarification. Ask me questions on my path I have laid out for all my Remnant.  Again, each path will be different.  This is why I need each one of you to be in my word and listen to me.  Specific instructions will flow and there will be no doubt on the way you should go.  You will know the way I have for you vs. the way you would choose without my insight.  Seek my knowledge.  Seek my insight.  Your paths will become so clear that you will not step on the traps of the enemy.  Every mistake you make will be quickly corrected as you listen.  It’s my joy to see you learn and walk with me.  My Kingdom is about to expand rapidly.  Be my vessel.  Be the clay that is fully submitted.  Your joy will be great.  Listen to me, children, listen.

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Charlette L Luna
Dear Father, Son and Holy Spirit ❣️ It's Your voice, I hear it ❣️ I yield as You, Great Potter prepare me to be a vessel unto honor ❣️To the only wise God be blessing and honor and glory and power ❣️ Amen ❣️
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