Jim Hamlin
by on January 31, 2023

Perception and the Two Way Street

(Two Way Street Revisited via The Gate)

     So… we covered The Gate and the two way street via The Billion Man Plan. What did we not see or perceive between the two writings? It is January 24, 2022 and I asked Holy Father to address the word Perception He gave me awhile back. Been waiting about a week and He has begun to show me how I missed the two way street and it’s effects in the vision that produced The Gate.

     If you recall, I was looking at two beautiful fields with a perfect white fence flowing through the rolling hills right down the center. It was an extremely beautiful and peaceful scene until I came upon the Jockey Fencer and the Hurdle Fencer. These were two stick like figures one straddling the fence as if racing a horse and the other jumping over the fence back and forth as if it where a hurdle in a track meet.

     Now let’s revisit the two way street Holy Father showed me in The Billion Man Plan. First he directed me to draw two straight lines parallel as a detail cut-a-way of an individuals radial representing their life. So there is nothing there to talk about. Then the whole detail changes when He directed me to make a dashed line straight up the center which would represent Jesus’ path through His earthly encounter. So what you wound up with was the perfect example of Jesus heading straight up the radial without any defects or detours. This fulfilled the instiled design of the two way street. So how does this tie into The Gate and a teaching on perception? I thought you would never ask………

     Two beautiful lush green fields divided by a white fence through the rolling hills. Is that not two lanes (fields) divided by Jesus (fence) just as depicted as the two way street Holy Father instructed me to draw as a detail cut-a-way of your life radial in The Billion Man Plan? So what was not perceived at the time in The Billion Man Plan detail, He brought back in The Gate vision using a more life like or living example (and it was very life like). What I did not see in the fence at the time was a gate. I was told there was a gate and that it was Jesus, but I did not perceive it in the actual vision. So… what is today’s lessen on perception? Here we go...

     Too many times we have an understanding of a concept in the Bible but we really do not see the meaning or the message. Many times we see the message of this and the message of that, but do not perceive that this and that becomes the truth and the way when combined. There’s a concept for you. One concept the Church speaks about routinely is faith. Through faith all things are possible and so on. When getting down to the nitty gritty in life and death situations you must stand on your faith. Many times we fail because we do not see The Gate in the fence or the center road markings (as depicted). So I finish with this...standing on your faith must combine with your ability to perceive The Gate which lifts you off the road you travel or above the grassy fields I visioned. And there I was hovering above these fields with The Gate. Amen Brother Jesus!

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