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Note: The illustrations would not copy over from the document so had to attach separate.  So...where the Illustration numbers are shown in the text you will nee to scroll down and look at the attachment of that number.  Sorry for the issues.  Also if you have not read Weird Science or What's my Time or the original Billion Man Plan it would help in understanding as these are building on concepts as we move forward. Now on to the show...



                    Billion Man Plan – Deuce

                  (Chapter 2 – Happy Birthday)


August 24, 2021

   One day while dwelling with Holy Father, He put on my heart another example of Instillment – The Heart Monitor. We spoke before about time, the Doppler effect, and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics among other things. I don’t know that I have brought it up (I think so), but at one point in my Dwellings with Holy Father, He told me; “Study the Genealogies”.

   I’ve heard of studies in the past where some people that studied the genealogies came up with what they call “the secret” spoken of concerning the scroll that was eaten in Revelation. I do not have the information at my finger tips now, but if you look up each generations name I believe through Noah and their meaning it gives a statement which many think is this secret. You can look it up online I’m sure, but for today’s journey in the Billion Man Plan series this does not apply.

   I may have explained this already (I don’t think so), but we will go through it here anyway. I studied these genealogies for a few years always wondering what it was I was supposed to find. I went so far as to draw out timelines connecting several sheets of paper together and taping it along my bedroom wall – nothing? I had pretty much forgotten about this study until today. I had developed from other studies and I’ve already written about it in a few writings that a day is a thousand years and a thousand years is a day. I have actually developed some type of lens I pass biblical information through to see when and where this applies.

   Alright...in Weird Science – or what’s my time.., we discussed time dilation and the Doppler effect. Concerning time dilation we discussed putting a clock on a rocket ship and blasting off going away from a clock on the ground and how the clock on the rocket would slow down in reference to the clock on the ground until it eventually stopped. Since we just stepped outside of time we could consider this God’s Speed.

   Now...while thinking on this and dwelling with Holy Father, He has given me another example of how this works. Over the last years I kept asking Holy Father – What is the significance of the statement that a day is the same as a thousand years? Today He answered with another genealogy assignment; “Look at the ages”. I did not have to look. He had given me the answer that ties many things together. Many of our ancestors in the Bible lived to be 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900 years. The oldest living ancestor was Methuselah who died at 968 years old if I remember correctly. So going back to the Billion Man Plan each radial from the center dot to the outside circle represented a thousand years. Here’s your first clue to the revelation of Billion Man Plan – Duece. No Ancestor lived on Earth for over 1000 years… Oh my! So here we see the timeline of our radial develop.

   Today Holy Father gave me another example of Instillment - “The Heart Monitor”.

Illustration BMP2-1

   So the Monitor brings up a line of thinking once again of Doppler Effect, Time Dilation, and the experiment where the light beam was either seen as a beam or a waveform. The waveform creates what we know as frequency which can be seen in the drawing as “life”. At the times the heart is at rest it is seen as a beam or flat line (as the Doc’s might say) which represents “no life” or interaction with the Earth or others.

   So I’m seeing two things going on here when I contemplate all our other writings. The first, to be spoken of at a later time, is a little thing we call Quantum Physics. In short, Quantum Physics is where it was explained that the light experiment with a light shined through a slot in one medium is seen on the second medium as either a waveform or beam depending on your expectation or “perception”. You have to key in on “your perception” of the event. That opens up a ton of implications concerning where Quantum Physics will take us. Every time I dwell on this topic I begin thinking all over the Bible and Jesus saying; “you’ll do greater things then I”. He did so many things such as; raising the dead, healing the sick, feeding the 5000 with two fishes and loaf, walking on water (defying normal learned physics), and I don’t know if this one deserves further study, but he changed water into wine before His time. You cannot help but think that we are capable just like he says, but our minds have been dumbed down over time to the point we do not function as we should. Hmmm?? Maybe this is the “sealed secret” and He will open the gate when the time is right.

   But for now we have to get back to the second thing I see going on here. Holy Father says; “Revisit the Billion Man Plan, Doppler Theory, Time Dilation and the stopping of the clock, then draw this:

Illustration BMP2-2

   I did not give the instructions as I did in the original Billion Man Plan. This is a scan of the drawing resulting from His instructions. As a synopsis, He explained this drawing to me as we moved forward something like this. We are born in a certain spot in the Universe, our own personal spot in time. Our Radial will continue expanding until eventually it hits God’s Speed and our clock stops in relation to the Universe.

   Holy Father lives outside of time which is to say, Heaven is outside of time. According to the Billion Man Plan, His hope is we continue down the “two way street” in the correct direction until we reach the end of our day which is somewhere in our 1000 year Radial. Not to forget as well, that our lives are represented by the “two way street” that makes up our Radial, but the radial itself is a “people mover” always heading to the end of time and the judgment seat of Christ. The best picture of this in our instilled world, would be the people movers in many Airports. You have a concourse (Universe) with the two way people movers running down the center (Radials) like the detail in the original Billion Man Plan drawing.

   So...your life begins and ends somewhere in the people mover (Radial) which is taking you from the point you are born to a termination point either at the small inner circle He had me label as Hell or at the outer circle He had me label World Boundary. Both are at the end of the Universe which is to say time and frequency stop in your life.

   So ladies and gentlemen, yet another chapter in the Billion Man Plan. But what’s the Happy Birthday all about? I asked at this point; “how do I get out of this writing Father?” The response was:

Illustration BMP2-3


August 6, 2022

   Just getting ready to publish this for the first time and figured I had better give some insight I was given later while dwelling on this writing. Have you ever wondered why Holy Father might answer some requests pretty quickly and it seems forever other times? The answer lies above in the Billion Man Plan – Deuce (Chapter 2). What He is showing me is that our timeline (radial) as represented as a line on a compass is a thousand years to us, but is only a day to Him. Wow…!!!

   So in the eyes of Holy Father, He answers all request same day (even though in our time frame it may be a few years). If you think about it, we live within a days time not nearly a whole day to Him. So we dwell in an entirely different time realm where our life span is less than one day. He used to let us live through half or more of our timeline (radial), but as you may recall, He limited us to 120 years of the thousand. His saying; “Happy Birthday! and Have a good Day!”, is His way of saying He is Happy you’re born and have a good life. Amazing...dwell on that one awhile!

   He answered another question a few days back as well. I asked why many people are beginning to believe the World is flat rather than being a globe? Another lesson on “perspective”. His answer was simply; “take the drawing I gave you for the Billion Man Plan and lay it down horizontally – what do you see? - think perspectives”.

Answer: _________________________________

I’ll Be……….where are you coming from? Ha!

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