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                                                                                      The Billion Man Plan

                                                                      (The written version several years later)


This writing is a little different than the rest. The reason is this “teaching” was of the physical nature and only a drawing was done at the time. So I scanned this drawing and saved it as a bmp file and here it is attached above.

As I said this was a physical teaching with directions to make this drawing. I have to say, I pondered this teaching and drawing for several years. My initial thoughts were that it was all about “Judgment” or I should say to not be Judgmental. Please explain says you… It’s actually hard to put into words why I thought that other than the drawing shows us each on our own “radial” heading out from the center dot (explain that in a minute) through the outer circle (or ring). Without further ado, let’s get into the teaching via Holy Father’s words to me that afternoon. This took place somewhere between 2007 and 2008, so I will use quotations concerning what I heard from Holy Father with all else being my personal thoughts. And since this was 14-15 years ago we will consider this rendition of His Words as a paraphrase. I remember the encounter like it was yesterday, but...just in case today’s memory gets a “jot or a tittle” wrong not going to claim as a direct quote. So here we go…

“Stand straight up and hold your arms out straight like it would represent East and West on a compass. Now bending over holding your arms straight up and down like it would represent North and South on a compass. Now holding your arms out straight across from each other twist and turn. These positions represent “radials” of each person’s life. There are “billions” of these radials beginning at the center dot and heading out from the beginning of worldly time to the end of worldly time. Sit down and draw this out. A center dot, a small circle around the dot, then a much larger circle outside of that. Now randomly draw a few “radials” from the center dot through the outside circle and label one of them at the end “Judgment”. Label the outer circle “World Boundary”, the inner circle “Hell”.”

So I drew that out and could only ask, what do these billions of radials have to do with human life? “Make a small circle half way down one of the radials and label it as a “Detail”. Below the circle drawing, draw two parallel lines. Through the middle of the two parallel lines draw a dashed line with an arrow on one end – this would be Jesus’ path.” Wow!… Having already received the teaching on “Three Words” including “instilment”, I recognized He has had me draw what we would call the “two way street” - amazing how the instilment thing-ee is coming to light more and more.

“Label one lane “Darkness” and one lane “Light”, and Jesus’ path at the arrow as “Perfect Life”. Draw a line going different directions in both lanes with arrows pointing in all directions. This represents the tracks of a human life. Label the center of these tracks as “Start” and on the side labeled “Light” heading in the direction Jesus would take place an arrow in Jesus’ direction and label as “Dominion”.”

I don’t know whether to think I’m confused or just ignorant of the ways being taught here. So I ask, why is the word “Start” in the middle of the tracks representing a human life? And here we go… “The radials starting at the dot and going out through “Worldly Time” represent a life on Earth. A life does not necessarily use the entire radial of time. A life starts somewhere in the radial and ends somewhere in the radial – it’s a “Path” of sorts. However, this path is always moving towards Judgment. You see there is a finite time for the World as you know it, your lifespan will fall somewhere within this path. So think of the path as a type of “People Mover”.” Wow!...there we go again – instilment. “Just like a “People Mover” in an Airport or Mall. One lane heading this way and one lane heading that way, people are walking or running in either direction in either lane – but...they are still going where the people mover takes them. In our case – end of Worldly Time and Judgement.”

OK folks...that is where this teaching ended. So our lives are going down a path created for us, we are in one of these radials which is our life path going back and forth to and fro on a two way street heading for judgment when worldly time expires. Our lives don’t take the entire radial from beginning to end, we start somewhere in the radial and we end somewhere in the radial. This is biblical since it is written that we sleep until the calling up – a huh o yah! So this is where I started mulling this thing over and where I will let you start mulling as well. Good day….!







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