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by on June 12, 2022

                                                                            Weird Science or… What’s My Time

     I’m in a combo journey...or what I like to call “dwelling” in multiple houses. In the real world you call this multi-tasking. The difference to me in dwelling and tasking is simply… dwelling is a state of being in Holy Father’s Rest, while tasking is simply performing your worldly duties – uh… modern day slavery.

     Once you escape worldly slave-dom and enter our Fathers Heavenly Rest (Heaven on Earth), things begin to look very different and you can actually “actively dwell” - have spiritual conversations via Holy Spirit. So I say all of this to say...that is where this information comes from

     Awhile back (not so long ago) I finished up a bachelor degree in Criminal Justice. Probably the most important class to my spirituality I took was Physics. It was at times a hair raising experience.

     Howz that?, you ask. Quite literal actually… there were times during certain theory study that Holy Spirit would speak into my heart and correct my mind concerning some of the ballywack I was studying.

     Actually… not so much ballywack as the theorists many times were just looking through the wrong lens. In other words, most scientists at best are skeptical of creation while at worst, and in current time, nearly all scientists are outright atheists.

     At times the presence was so intense that the hair on my arms and neck would stand up.

     The most important moment came as I was sitting at the kitchen table studying such things as Newton’s Universal Laws of Motion and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

     Good stuff… including such ideas as “frame of reference” and “time dilation”.

     The story is told that Einstein was riding home on a streetcar one day and looked up at a steeple clock. It dawned on him at that time that to a person riding in a streetcar at various speeds the clock would look different right up to the point that at the speed of light the clock would appear to have stopped.

      Brain running….contemplate... contemplate...so I think I have heard this in another way...something about putting a clock in a spaceship and one on the ground…

     Depending on how fast the spaceship was traveling away from the ground clock it would slow down compared to the ground clock, and if the spaceship were to travel at the speed of light the clock would stop.

     Breaking news… breaking news… stand by for a word from Holy Spirit…

     “A day is a thousand years, a thousand years is a day, and everything in between. Man is limited by the speed of light.”

     Oh sugar! I believe Holy Spirit said it, so now I should be able to verify it in the Bible. “A thousand years is a day, a day is a thousand years”, that’s not so hard…

     “But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.” (KJV, 2Peter, 3:8)

     “Man is limited by the speed of light.”, that’s a little tougher! I think I’ve found it in one of my favorite books of the Old Testament – Job.

     For you Bible scholars you remember Job getting angry and his friends conjuring up all these excuses and reasoning, but when they were all done a fourth younger friend was angry with Job for self-righteousness and the friends for false accusation and questionable arguments.

     Elihu waited patiently for his elders to complete their opposing arguments (some right some wrong), then he let loose with speeches that opened the door for the Lord’s own speeches.

     Speeches is a calm word for the Lord’s pounding of Job. He comes forth with questioning along the lines of “who are you?”, and statements about things of the world and who controls things. So...(NKJV, Job 38:8-11):

(8) “Or who shut in the sea with doors, When it burst forth and issued from the womb;

(9) When I made the clouds it’s garment, And thick darkness its swaddling band;

(10) When I fixed my limit for it, And set bars and doors;

(11) When I said, This far you may come, but no farther, And here your proud waves must stop!

     I am sure this can be interpreted several ways, however… please note “And set bars and doors”, this is plural… many… at least more than one. This is the only place in the Bible I see where Holy Father has set limits on our existence, how far we can go… how much we can know… even possibly how far we can travel.

     So if you think about it for a minute, when Holy Father said “let there be light” - BAM!!!!!!! This would be what Atheist Scientists call the Big Bang. And I bet there was one heck of a big BANG!

     This is where light began its journey. The speed of light is our current “frame of reference” by which we see time.

     In simple words, time is told by how long it takes something to cover a certain space based on our reference point.

     So this big BANG!, created the universe which is a pinwheeling outward in which light is traveling. Holy Spirit actually asked the speed of light. I thought back, around 186 thousand miles per second or something like that.

     He said, “Don’t you think that is a little slow?”

     And I thought back, in your realm… I’m sure it is… I’m sure it is. Let’s move on.

     I personally am satisfied with these Biblical references to answer those two parts of my word from Holy Spirit. But there was a third part that I have never seen a definitive Bible reference to or really understood what it meant; “and everything in between”.

     Why I am writing today is because, I believe the answer was given through dwelling in these multiple places this morning.

     Playing a YouTube video this morning from SkyWatch TV, Josh Peck was interviewing Dr. Michael Lake who has many… many… insights into varying realms of existence.

     He came out with a statement that just answered this part of Holy Spirit’s word for me that day. Without going into the physics of it all and the varying Laws of which I’m sure it complies with, He applies some actually simple knowledge which can be seen in Doppler Theory.

     Doppler Theory simply put goes something like this; as you here a train whistle coming toward you it gets higher pitched and louder until it’s right at your point, then it starts getting lower pitched and quieter as it moves away until you eventually no longer hear it.

     This is caused by the Doppler Effect which says that the sound-wave compresses as the train comes toward you creating a high pitch louder tone, then again lengthens (or stretches) as it moves away from you making a lower pitch quieter tone.

     We measure this sound-wave at its highs and lows and call it frequency – ha!, that’s kind of funny. To paraphrase Holy Spirit, A day can happen in a thousand years or anything in between.

     I think that would be “frequency” as Holy Spirit laid this out. How’z that happen? I’m glad you asked…

     Dr. Lake sets up the example that at the immediate time of the BANG!, the light expansion was possibly thousands or many thousands of times faster than we now know.

     Of course “now” is our “frame of reference”. So we are at a time in light expansion where the expansion has slowed to what we now know as the “speed of light” (299792458 metres per second).

     Hopefully you see that thousands of years ago the “speed of light” nearer to the expansion point would have been faster from the expansion point “frame of reference”.

     Lets get onto our Spaceship which is Earth. If Earth traveled faster away from the point of light creation (the expansion point), Earth’s clock would appear slower than the light creation point based clock.

     Now let me confuse you… looking at Dr. Lakes thoughts above, if expansion slows as expansion reaches greater distance from the expansion (or creation) point and Earth maintains it’s spot in this expansion – then Earth hurtles through the expanse at a slower and slower rate as it gets further from the creation point.

     The clock on Earth is getting faster and faster until eventually the expansion will stop and Earth will stop and the clocks on Earth and at the light creation point will read identical. And that ladies and gentleman would answer the question of “and anything in between”.

     Time in relation to the BANG!, is always speeding up (not slowing down), and at any given point a day and a thousand years are at a different point of reference.

     A couple of related points of interest.

- Not long ago scientists were able to capture the exact moment of conception. What they saw amazed them. At the exact moment of conception they saw a spark of light. It seems a new creation every time verified by a mini BANG!

- Scientist have also figured out that eventually their model of evolution and various Laws have the Universe imploding back into itself.

- They say that right at the very molecule that exploded into what we know as existence all will be sucked right back in. I guess that’s where expansion stops and time zeroes out with the expansion point clock.

- I think you can see that science is valuable knowledge and correct in most cases when you try and figure out creation. It’s just viewed through two different lenses.

     Here’s a very last question I’ll ask you for a closing. Using biblical reference and what we just discussed… do you see anything interesting in the genealogy references which show the ages of men of the Bible story?

     Here’s a hint of were I’m at with this. First, nobody ever aged over a thousand years.

     Second, the earlier men lived to be in the nine hundreds, a little later the eight hundreds, even later the seven hundreds… six… five… four… three… two… one hundred… and now less.

     Hmmm……… a day, a thousand years, anything in between, biblical geneology, wow… later!

PS: I don’t subscribe to taking any man’s word for fact – mine included. Study and dwell in Heavenly places to show yourself worthy.



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