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by on March 27, 2022

                                                                                   The Gate

   Holy Spirit and a walk with Jesus have given me a few new words and analogies I want to share with everyone now. These words and analogies, which may be common in your earthly thoughts, go forth with a powerful meaning when you walk with Jesus.

   First word… “Fencer”, a Soul that rationalizes its very existence in two separate Worlds. These Souls were described for me as those Americans being all tied up in the “get-a-go” mentality that brings them to Church on Sunday then back to their “carnal” World the other six days of the week. There are two types:

   The “Jockey Fencers” are those who straddle the fence, squeezing with all their might with both their arms and their legs afraid that they will fall off before the race is over and wind up on the wrong side of the fence.

   The “Hurdle Fencers” are those who have the ability to take a few quick steps and leap moving themselves from this side of the fence to that side of the fence whenever they don’t get what they want where they stand. Never fulfilled, they wear themselves out going over and back, back and over. They want what’s on both sides of the fence.

   I asked my Lord Jesus… “what would you have me do to get rid of that “damned” fence?” His reply… “Jim, that fence is always going to be there. That fence is the symbolic divider between the good and the evil. It’s been there, it’s always going to be there, get used to it. Did I not come to you personally and take you by the hand and walk with you? Did I not put you in the grace with my Father to comfort You? Did I not introduce you to Tim’s music, and did I not introduce you to Pastor Scott and Pastor Joe and fill you with their love and trust? And did!...I!...not!...show!...you!...the!...Gate!...this… weekend!?”

   “Fencers are wearing themselves out straddling and jumping the fence trying not to fall off or get stuck on the wrong side because they are not sure!...and they have not realized!...there!...is!...a!…Gate!..., and all they have to do is take my hand and walk through it!  You are sure; you have stepped through the Gate. Jim…just do as I have done for you”.

                                     Words given to me as I walked through a teaching with Jesus.

                                     I pass this along to fulfill his request to do as he has done for me.

                                     This Word was received in 2009 after a powerful weekend of

                                     Evangelism and praise with Robbie Mitchel.

                                                             Jim Hamlin


Scriptures that speak to this teaching:

   “I tell you the truth, the man who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and robber. The man who enters by the gate is the shepherd of his sheep”. John 10:1&2 (NIV)

   “Therefore Jesus said again, “I tell you the truth, I am the gate for the sheep. All who ever came before me were thieves and robbers, but the sheep did not listen to them. I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. He will come in and go out, and find pasture”.

John 10:7,8,&9


March 27, 2022

   I am sharing this vision I had for the first time to a public audience.  Until now I had shown this to a few people and made a plaque of this for my retiring Pastor way back when.

   This is a short version of a teaching I typed while being transported into a vision with Jesus.  The additional unshared portion of this teaching was personal in nature and addressed items important at the time.  I  was told to make a plaque for our Pastor that was retiring and this is the portion I was told to put on the plaque and share with the addition of the relative scriptures.

   So...I will share with you today what I went through during this 15-20 minute vision.  First of all, I was in two places at once.  I was transported into a situation where I was on a floating pedistal of some type with a presence behind me slightly to my right side while at the same time I was aware that I was at my desk typing this message.  I never saw the being standing behind me but there was a very powerful force (for lack of a better word) which had permeated my being that presented itself as a pressure in my body near the heart area going outward.  The end of the vision came as this pressure became so intense I had to ask Jesus to end it.  Turns out I wish I had hung on longer - but maybe it was His way of ending the session.

   Why did I type the message above?  Wasn't in control of what I typed even though I knew I was at my desk typing.  I can tell you what I was seeing, and here is where the "fencers" came in.  I was drifting along on this pedistal viewing a scene of a very plush green pasture.  Down the middle through the rolling hills ran this 3-rail white fence.  We drifted along this fence line until I ran into the first character - the "jockey fencer".  I don't know how many of you remember the cartoon Gumby, but the figure I saw was like a semi-stick figure in motion and that is what I thought of.  This first figure was straddling the fence laid out low and head down making motions similar to what a Jockey would make at full stride on a Horse.  Hence the discription above.  Down the fenceline a ways we came across the second character - the "hurdle fencer".  Once again a very similar looking semi-stick character only this time as we approached he would pop from a standing position on one side of the fence to the other and then back again.  This happened several times as we approached.  We continued on down the fenceline until He was done giving me this information and that's when the pressure started building and the vision was terminated.

   So...there ya go.  In my best words, that is what I saw and felt while typing this.  Now...It was about six months later when it dawned on me that I had just walked in the presence of our Lord and was given a major bit of information many don't have.  Many will come in His name and there will be great deception, so much so that even the elect will be deceived.  I believe I was given this experience to share today.  Folks, if you get close to our Savior, you are going to feel an internal pressure from his presence.  If there is no pressure making you feel like you could explode from the inside out - it's not Him!  I think that is the message I am to share today.

   One last message...there was no gate in that fence - look up!

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