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                                                    "The Game"

     One afternoon in my backyard shortly after being reclaimed (see The Story & The Redeemer), I was dwelling on things of God and became overtaken by Holy Spirit. After some running around and dancing about, Holy Spirit said "go into your office and right these things down".


The Game

     The Lord has blessed many with certain talents; from the ability to create a Game or Sport, to the ability to excel at the Games and Sports created.

     We are either a Player or a Spectator. The enthusiasm seems to be quite the same whether you play or spectate. Some dislike certain Games or Sports, others like the Game or Sport and thus we have the true "fans" (fanatics) of the Game or Sport.

     Regardless of the Game or Sport there is usually (at the very least) an emotional feeling brought out of each Game or Sport we know of. For some there is hatred, others simple disgust, many on the fence not really caring in any way. For others there is the love of the Game or Sport. To the bone! Players loving to play, Spectators salivating at the very thought of the meeting to come with the next opposition so they can root their team on.

     On the appointed day we meet the opposition, we have a short , controlled by rules, knockdown drag out battle for supremacy of the day. One Team wins the battle and goes home happy while one Team loses and goes draggng home with emptiness in their heart. Both Teams go home knowing there will be another meeting on another appointed day. The winning team knowing they'll have to work hard to maintain their supremacy, the losing Team knowing they have to work harder to reign supreme the next meeting.

The Team

     In big time sports a Team is comprised of many levels. You have the ORGANIZATION, blessed with the business talent to operate and grow an organized Game or Sport. You have the Team OWNER, this is the Person or Company blessed with the necessary faculties to own and operate a major league Team. You have the PLAYERS, the individuals the Lord blessed with talent to play a Sport at a very high level of competency. You have the FAN, short for those that are fanatical about the Game or Sport. The good folks who find a way to the game when there isn't one.

The Coach & Making the Team

     To create a Team for any Sport or Game on an organized level there are tryouts. The primary lead in developing a Team is handed to the Coach. His responsibility is to create an organized Team through skill levels. We know these better as "strings"; 1st string, 2nd string, 3rd string. But you also have the "cuts". The "cuts" are those not blessed with enough talent to make the team.          So...some of the possible Players are cast aside for the lack of talent and either become a "Fan" of the sport knowing their love for it or grow to hate the sport because of their being cast out. And then there are the rest of us that know we do not have the level of talent to make the team and wouldn't even try, but we're "Fans". We love the Game!

The Lesson

God is the original creator of the Game! God has organized the Game of Life!

     God even changed the rules of the Game! You cannot totally ignore the Old Testament and ways prescribed therin, but God created and sent to us a Son. His Son, Jesus Christ brought to us the new Game...the New Testament. All on Earth are now the Children of God and will reach salvation and entrance to our Heavenly Father's paradise we call Heaven through His Son, Jesus Christ. Blessed is our Lord Jesus!

God's Game

     God's Game plays out similar to the Sports we know today. It's not that God took the lead from Man's creation of Games, but very much the other way around.

     I will not quote the Bible for you, you must study this for yourself. I started at the end of the Bible knowing that for every good book the ending is always the best. The Bible does not disappoint!

     Reading the Revelations you quickly understand the rules and organization of God's Team. Just like our modern day Games or Sports, there is the ORGANIZATION, the COACH, the PLAYERS and Haters of the Game. The primary difference is there are no FANS. Simple enough...God is the Organizer, Jesus Christ is our Coach, and we are the Players that make up the Team. There are rules to the Game throughout the Old Testament and New Testament. There are also the "Strings", but as we read the Revelations we find only "1st string", "2nd string", and all others will be the "Cuts".

     The beautiful thing in our Game of Life is that we are all created equal in the eyes of God. There is nothing limiting us from making 1st string except for our Hearts and Minds. Jesus told me on my reclamation day, "The Heart is His Church, the Heart will train the Mind".

     Revelations spells out clearly...when the end time is among us, God will first raise the dead believers to join Him within the clouds and then the true believers are to join again with the dead (1st string).

     We may already be in the tribulation by the first calling, but during the additional years of tribulation many people will understand the way they went wrong, beg for forgiveness and a second calling will unite (2nd string).

     There will be severe burdens to bear over the tribulation years for believers. God will unleash the 7 seals, the 7 trumpets will blow, his promises will be fulfilled. Those on 2nd string who remain strong in God's name will be subjected to unimaginable catastrophies and persecutions.

     At the end of this tribulation those remaining on Earth will be brought into God's judgment. Eventually Satan will be unchained and brought before God, judged, and cast into the eternal pit. Satan's followers and non-believers will be brought to judgment as well. (The list of ingredients for those heading for the eternal pit was described on the home page.) One at a time they will be cast into the pit (these are the Cuts).

     So...God's Game of Life is so simply organized that we can understand it.

     Recap at the Moment of this teaching (my personal but guided thoughts at the time of this teaching)

     God created what we now think of as the modern day "Game" or "Sport". Our simple Games of win or lose are embedded (instilled) in our memory so that we can come back stronger at the next meeting of the Teams. God's Game of Life is so...much bigger. The stakes are so much higher. All men are created equal in God's eyes. It's your choice to be "1st string", "2nd string", or "cuts" in God's eyes. 

     If you can now choose your path to salvation, please read this prayer I have written for you.


Dear God in Heaven, Please hear my prayer.

     Thank you Heavenly Father for subjecting your Son to our Earthly matters. I am not perfectly created as the Son of God - Jesus Christ. He gave his life for my salvation and that I may one day walk with you both in the Halls of Your Heaven. I will walk this day forward not fearing any nation or any man for they no longer control my heart. I understand this day "The Heart is Your Church". I ask now that Jesus Christ and the Holy spirit take control of my heart and lead me to my salvation. I am Yours oh Lord, I am Yours... Amen.

     The analogy of "The Game" is just that. It should not really be considered a Game. God created this Earth which includes the good, the bad, and the ugly. There is really only one "string" to compete for...1st string! We will all fall into God's plan at some point. We all started out equal from the time of our birth. It is decisions and guidance through life that makes up the Team.

     I hope I have made a difference in your life. Today is the day for change if you seek it. Do not look back except to understand your failings (sins in God's eyes). Redeem yourself to our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the way to salvation.

     I have a simple but very powerful word to pass on. You must give your heart to Jesus Christ. It is through Jesus Christ you will meet His Father and have eternal life in Heaven. I am to tell the World..."The Heart is His Church".


The above in its entirety is:

Copyright: 7 /3 Ministries, Summer, 2007


Today's thoughts...

     Today is Sunday, May 26, 2013. It has been an extremely long time since I dwelled with the Holy Spirit and wrote down the above information. I named the teaching the "The Game" as the Holy Spirit directed. I have been studying since this time; completing a college degree in Criminal Justice, completing a slow comprehensive studious reading of the Bible over a two year plus time-frame, and having been now through 3 or 4 miracles of my own. You can read more about these happenings on the The Story and the Redeemer page when I get that started. The Story and the Redeemer is I believe both a preaching testimony and a written testimony coming forth to complete my primary assignment in this life.

     Once filled with Holy Spirit, in my kitchen, I vocally stated "I am a Fisher of Men". A thundering voice from my spirit within (sounding like it was in the room) said, "You are a Fisher of Man". I received the immediate spiritual feeling that this statement meant that somewhere out there is a single person that will come to Jesus through me. Once that is completed, I will receive my inheritance (the kingdom I believe). There is only one drawback to this as I see it. I explained this to my family and friends that were near at that time. My Brother now uses it as an excuse to not except Jesus as his savior because he is afraid he's that person and I will be gone. It seems it always takes family to screw these things up. Anyway...

     Back to the teaching at hand. After thinking of this teaching for several years I came up with a few biblical concepts I believe fit. One day the Holy Spirit threw this at me, "strings of three". So...here I am studying the Bible and it dawns on me there are several strings of three...

- the Father, Son, Holy Ghost;

- the Throne Room, the House, the Kingdom;

here's a huge one for our IDENTITY:

- the Saints, the Sons, the Servants.

     Can you see parallels? It would make sense the Saints would occupy the Throne Room, the Sons should naturally occupy the House, and the Servants would be out into the Kingdom (City). So although there are only two strings in the analogy of Game of Life with all others being the "cuts", once we reach the time the Kingdom of Heaven is upon the Earth, there are 3 biblical locations and 3 biblical identities within the Kingdom (City).

     In addition, throughout Revelations, John specifically states these three locations plus he says there is life outside the Kingdom (the World). Revelation 22:14 describes it as follows, "Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city. Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood" (REV 22:14 NIV).

     I tend to cross the City and the Kingdom as one in the same. It seems right because while there are obviously going to be peoples outside the City in this passage, earlier in Revelation 21:24 it is stated that nations will walk by the light of the City and that their Kings of the Earth are going to bring their splendor to the City. The gates are never going to be shut (which there are 3 on each wall by the way), and the honor and glory of these Nations will be brought into it. So the City appears to be God's Kingdom while other Kingdoms exist and provide some type of honor and glory to God's Kingdom.

     Even while God's Kingdom exists on Earth the World will still exist and the living "cuts" from the Team (dogs etc.) will live outside of it. By the way, I believe the "dogs" refer to the Gentiles that have not received Jesus as their Savior and been grafted into the Hebrew community known as "God's People". This is a biblical thought as mentioned earlier in the Bible by the woman begging for just the crumbs of the bread meant for the dogs (gentiles). Don't remember the whole scripture right now just the concept, but I will address it again at a later entry on this teaching.


After todays thoughts...thoughts:

     I hope you enjoyed this teaching and my shared thoughts. However...you should study the Word, ask Holy Spirit to speak with you, and continue to look for revelations on this teaching. Take my word for it...miracles are awesome! They are happening all around you. All you have to do is get grafted into the Family of God...a Son or Daughter or Servant. Gain your Identity...it will determine your location in Heaven.

     I have long since identified myself as a Son. I read a few chapters of a book written by a Christian several years back. I cannot remember his name or the name of his book today. I will find the book and replace this paraphrasing of his Identity story with his quoted words and proper credits at some point the near future. He gave a story something along these lines:

     There was a man who had a son whom he loved very much. One day while he was grilling steaks he decided to grill a couple extra steaks for the next day. When the steaks were done he carefully wrapped them and put them in the refrigerator.

     In the middle of the night as he was sleeping he heard a commotion in the kitchen and went into the kitchen to see what was going on. There he found his Son had come into his house and was sitting in the kitchen eating one of the steaks he had so carefully prepared for his meals the next day. He was not upset, blessed his Son, and went back to bed.

     Very early in the morning he heard a lot of noise and rushed out of his bedroom to see what was going on. In the living room he found that his cleaning service had let themselves into his house and further more he went in to the kitchen and found one of the service's employees was eating his last steak that he had so carefully prepared the day before. He was extremely upset, confronted the supervisor of the operation, told them they had no right to let themselves into his house so early in the morning without his permission and that the employees had no right to be in his kitchen eating his food.

     Hopefully you can see the benefits of IDENTITY. There are two men eating the steaks and the difference is their IDENTITY. The Son is welcomed in the Father's house and to the Father's food at any hour. The servant is not welcomed at that time and is reprimanded and removed from the Father's house.

     I quickly realized I needed my identity as the Son. Now I identify myself as a King and a Priest, a Brother of Jesus Christ, and a Son of God.

     More later...got to get after the garden of Hamlin...God bless you!


Copyright: 7 /3 Ministries, May 26. 2013


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