by on August 24, 2023
  12/7/2022:  You are an amazing Father! You are an amazing Savior! You are an amazing Holy Spirit and Bosom Friend! You will be with us to the end! There is no One like You! Who is faithful and true! You are Mighty to Save! Save every last baby, woman, child! Don't let another be defiled! You do all things well! You make my heart swell with love poured out! That's what You're about! The movie is about to end! Thy kingdom we will comprehend! Show us, show us Your Power! Show us, show us Your g...
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by on July 5, 2023
Journal of Time Alone with God: Rick has always felt God talk to him in the inner man and was listening and obeying the Lord for years.  However, Rick never expected to hear direct words or sentences from the Lord.  Then Rick ordered the book, "It's Not Meant To Be A Secret: God Wants To Speak To You" by Nathan French ...
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by on March 24, 2023
The primary difference between a vision statement and a mission statement is the time the statement focuses on. A mission statement focuses on the present and a vision statement focuses on the future. It's important to understand this difference because a company’s mission statement plays a vital role in the company achieving the goals outlined within its vision statement. When the two statements are written correctly, a vision statement should answer where the company wants to go and the mis...
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by on March 19, 2023
Blessed to Give Benevolence Fund, being God's hands and feet to help others.
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by on January 11, 2023
Here's my suggestions for COVID Protocols: ...
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by on October 4, 2022
Current Open Volunteer Positions: General Fund Manager Customer Service Representative (Two positions) ...
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by on October 3, 2022
  Celebrating the Fall Feasts gives hope for the future as we anticipate what God will do: The Feast of the Day of Atonement/Yom Kippur (Oct 4-5, 2022 – sunset of Tue, Oct 4 to sunset Wed, Oct 5) ...
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