by on February 7, 2024
The Myth of Khazarian Jews? This Blog Post is based on a summary of several articles and videos that show research showing the Kazarian Jew Theory is not true and was based on some fraudulent or biased and conflicting source documents.  Also, links to what some Modern Day Prophets are saying about Israel and Netanyahu. ...
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by on November 21, 2023
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by on October 9, 2023
Lord we need You now... Father, we praise You for Your Holiness, righteousness, justice. We magnify You simply because You are worthy and it lifts You up for others to see You in Your glory. Father, in Yeshua name, have mercy on the hostages in Gaza, the innocent children caught in war, the nursing moms and infirmed, elderly. Rescue them this day. Release the captives!!! Let Your hand of righteousness move and bring about the destruction of Your enemies. Heal our land, protect those who stand w...
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by on July 26, 2023
Warning from the Lord - January 14, 2024 While watching the sermon from El Shaddai ministries from January 13, 2024, I watched it in the morning of January 14, 2024.  The Lord brought a word to me as a warning to prepare. Pastor Biltz was speaking of the plagues of Egypt.  Those plagues tore down each of the idols/gods the Egyptians had, one by one.  The Lord told me the idols/gods in our land are just as the idols/gods in Egypt were.  We may not 'worship' the same things the Egyptians did...
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by on July 5, 2023
  Journal of Time Alone with God [Rick also posts each word separately to a Forum so people can discuss each word separately, while in this Blog all the words are posted with the newest first.] ...
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by on March 24, 2023
The primary difference between a vision statement and a mission statement is the time the statement focuses on. A mission statement focuses on the present and a vision statement focuses on the future. It's important to understand this difference because a company’s mission statement plays a vital role in the company achieving the goals outlined within its vision statement. When the two statements are written correctly, a vision statement should answer where the company wants to go and the mis...
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by on March 19, 2023
Blessed to Give Benevolence Fund, being God's hands and feet to help others.
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by on January 11, 2023
Here's my suggestions for COVID Protocols: ...
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by on October 4, 2022
Current Open Volunteer Positions: General Fund Manager Customer Service Representative (Two positions) ...
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by on October 3, 2022
  Celebrating the Fall Feasts gives hope for the future as we anticipate what God will do: The Feast of the Day of Atonement/Yom Kippur (Oct 4-5, 2022 – sunset of Tue, Oct 4 to sunset Wed, Oct 5) ...
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