April 28, 2022
Primarily for Prayer & Support Zoom Groups. Please Join and let God activate you here: https://b2tneighborhood.com/groups/category/19/prayer-support-zoom-active/
Be sure you connect with and meet live with other Christian Patriots! We need to be prepared for the storm and be prepared to pray for others and for each other.


It's vital that we prepare for the Storm that is coming!


God wants to use our groups to pray for the hurting.  We should be meeting together as Christian Patriots supporting and praying for each other.  Please join at least one group you can be active in here:  https://b2tneighborhood.com/groups/category/19/prayer-support-zoom-active/


We will be training and replicating groups out of this trianing group:  https://b2tneighborhood.com/groups/80/