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Rick B2T - Personal

Male. Lives in Texas. Born on December 23. Is married.
PCR (Project Children Rescue) Tue Night - Thu 11am CST
Zoom LINK: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7733137371?pwd=YjJHanRNL280QkJDdU15MUYwNnlqUT09 Tue night Backstage after the B2T Show and Thu at 11am CST on the Backstage Zoom. Project Children Rescue (PCR) is an initiative of the B2T Backstage Ministry.  To get involved in freeing children and ending all forms of evil against them by the power and authority God has given us, join the Backstage Ministry here: https://blessed2teach.mykajabi.com/backstage Then join our Backstage Ministry Group Here for a small ministry donation (monthly or reduced yearly donation): https://b2tneighborhood.com/groups/170/ Backstage is free for the first 30 days.  In addition, for those on low fixed income, you can apply for scholarship to Backstage at info@blessed2teach.com.  This brings the cost down to $1.79/month after the first free 30 days. 
Rick B2T - Personal
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